VOLVO DRL rebuild kit

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uitable for Volvo FH 2012-2015 or 2015 and newer, choose the desired version in the drop-down list! Complete set of amber LED light sources to rebuild your Volvo FH's cold white drl. Brightness corresponds to approximately the original brightness.
The light sources are designed as the original, with the powerful High Power LEDs placed on aluminum pressure plates. These plates increase heat transfer to the original heat sink, and extend the life of the LEDs. Of course, there are original connections on all light sources, so the connection is quite simple.
Each set contains four lights and thermal paste for assembly. There are two lights on each side. The light source with six LEDs is mounted on top and the one with four light sources on the bottom.
Installation occurs as follows:
  • Remove the plugs from the original lights.
  • Remove the screws that retain the original lights.
  • Remove the lights from the heat sink.
  • Remove the cooling paste and clean the surface completely.
  • Apply the cooling paste with a thin even layer on the heat sink where the light is to be mounted.
  • Push the new light into the thermal grease and carefully tighten with the original screw.
  • Connect the cables to the new lights.

           Please allow up to 14 days for delivery