MAN LED DRL conversion kit (2020+)

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Complete set to convert the original xenon-white DRL. The set consists of two boards and thermal paste. There are 8 powerful LEDs on each board, newest generation of high power 5W LEDs from Edison. The brightness is equivalent to the original.

The alu-PCBs optimize the heat transfer and extend the lifespan of the LEDs. The emitters have the same dimensions, and use the same connectors as original, making them very easy to mount. 

Notice that the emitters are not ECE-approved.


Mounting the kit is very easy, and does not take a very long time,

  • The heatsink is mounted on the backside of the headlight
  • The heatsink is loosened and taken out of the lamp
  • The connector is taken out of the original emitter
  • The screws holding the emitter are removed
  • Heatsink is cleaned for thermal paste
  • New thermal paste is added to the heatsink
  • The new board is mounted with the screws
  • The plug is put in the connector, and the heatsink is mounted again