IVECO S-way, DRL conversion kit 2020+

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Complete set with LED emitters, that replace the original cold-white to yellow/ orange light. The powerful high quality LEDs creates a bright light, that matches the original brightness. The boards are made of aluminium to extend the liftetime, as these better conduct heat from the LEDs down to the heat sinks.

The set consists of 4 boards, 2 for right, 2 for left, and thermal paste that is used between the emitters and the heatsink.

Notice that the emitters are not ECE approved.


The kit is very easy to mount, as we use the original connectors.

The original emitters are mounted on heat sinks, that are fastened on the back of the lights. These are removed carefully, and the connector disconnected from the boards. The boards are removed, and the heatsink cleaned if necessary. Apply a thin even layer of thermal paste.  Boards are mounted to the heatsinks. The heatsinks are mounted to the headlight again, and the lamp assembled.