DAF LED DRL conversion kit +2021

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Complete LED DRL conversion kit for DAF 2021 and forward.  Allows you to change from white DRL to eg. yellow or warm white. The xenon white emitters can also be used if the original are defective. The emitters have LEDs for both indicators and DRL.

The set consists of 2 emitters for the left and the right side respectively and thermal paste. It is easy to replace them, as they use the original connector, and have the same shape. Replacing them takes ½ to 1 hour. 


The emitters are mounted on the heatsinks accessible on the backside of the headlights. The easiest option is to remove the headlight completely.

  • Heat sink removed
  • Connector on emitter loosened
  • Emitters are fastened with screws that are loosened
  • The original emitters are removed
  • Thermal paste applied on new emitters
  • New emitters are fastened on the heat sink, and everything is assembled again

Please allow up to 14 days days delivery